*From Reddit* All required items to complete quests

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*From Reddit* All required items to complete quests

Post by Neako on Sun Jun 28, 2015 6:34 pm

In preparation of F.Slayer, here's a compilation of every tradable item you need to complete Epic, General, and most Feat quests (excluded feats below):

Misc Items
1.1m Gold (For Sub-equipment & Magic Stone)
1m Gold for the Oceanic Express Epic (Which you get back anyways)
2x Magic Seal Equipments (to fuse for Seria's Epic)
1x General MP Potion (purchasable from Seria)
A TON of Treasure Hunter Pots (optional)

Cubes 'n Crafting Mats
21x Clear Cube
2x Gold Cube
22x Black Cube
35x White Cube
23x Blue Cube
31x Red Cube
20x Gold Cube Fragments
71x Black Cube Fragments
21x White Cube Fragments
21x Blue Cube Fragments
111x Red Cube Fragments
105x Rusty Iron Scrap (100x of these for Awakening)
105x Raw Hardener (100x of these for Awakening)
50x Raw Paving Stone
40x Weathered Bone Fragment (20x of these to make Superior Bones)

Other Materials
100x Chaos Stone Debris
198x Nihilistic Demon Stone
10x Nihilistic Demon Stone Fragment (the quest to combine fragments to stone once)
120x Seals of Emperor Helm
80x Seals of Empress Skardi
5x Immature Mushroom Spore
20x Old City Legacy
10x Floating Ore
5x Kingdom Token
60x Behemoth Scale Fragment
1x Oxidized Substance
4x Iced Wall Fragment
15x Cover Fragment
20x Kartel Officer Badge
23x Kartel Officer Medal
5x Kartel Order
35x Kartel Gun Barrel
70x Rough Mecha Parts
100x Firewood
50x Sliced Meat
80x Ammo Cartridge
100x Rifle Parts
70x Gun Cleaning Tools
100x Monkey Wrench
130x Makeup Kit
20x Bulletproof Iron Fragments
300x Pirate Ring
80x Master Pirate Ring
20x Heavenly Pearl
15x Electrical Component
10x Solid Turtle Shell
12x Endless Eternity
60x Magtonium

Quest Reward Items (you can subtract these)
300k gold (Royal Gift from Erje)
1x Black Cube
4x White Cube
3x Blue Cube
2x Red Cube
550x Clear Cube Fragments
96x Black Cube Fragments
21x White Cube Fragments
21x Blue Cube Fragments
45x Red Cube Fragments

Feat quests that are not included:
(they're either too long, not worth the materials or reward imo)

The Iron Scale Admiral
Melvin's Shame
Another High-Tech Ring
Abyssal Necklace Questline
Sniper Scope
Bantu Horn Necklace

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